Destination guides to the villages in the Flåm and Aurlandsfjord area, including Flam, Aurland, Gudvangen, Undredal and more – all written by a local.

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    Hikes in Aurland – Questions Answered!

    I’m back with another round of questions to answer! I recently got some questions via email that I thought would be helpful to everyone, and decided to answer them here. These questions all relate to the Aurland hikes I mention in this post. In the past I have answered questions about the Norway in a Nutshell tour in a similar manner here. First I have pasted the questions I received, and then I proceed to answer them one by one below! As always, feel free to leave a comment if something is left unanswered! Questions about the hikes in Aurland Hello, And thank you so much for your blog.  It…

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    Vangsgaarden Hotel Review, Aurland

    Tucked away in stunning Aurland (my hometown!), at the hilt of the Sognefjord – (the longest fjord in the world, in case you were wondering) – you’ll find an absolute treasure: Vangsgaarden! It’s not just any hotel; it’s the one that I, your trusty Norwegian travel blogger, have the joy of calling my childhood haunt. I know, right? Who gets to say they grew up in a place like this! Every nook and cranny, every garden path, every delectable dish served here, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Not just because I grew up running around the gardens, but also because I worked in the bar and reception from I…

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    Things to do in Flam, Norway [A Local’s Guide]

    Flåm (or Flam, for those of you who do not have Å on your keyboard) is a small village in Western Norway located at the innermost arm of the Aurlandsfjord. Every year, millions of tourists visit the fjords and look for things to do in Flam to experience the dramatic landscapes the village offers. Flam is probably the most visited fjord destination in Norway, and as I have grown up in the area – this was a guide I needed to write! The village is also a crucial point of the popular ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ tour. Are you visiting Norway and looking for places to visit and things to…

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    16 Things to do in Aurland, Norway [A Local’s Guide]

    As the largest village along the Aurlandsfjord, there are lots of great things to do in Aurland, Norway! This is the village where I grew up, and I know it like the back of my hand. So trust me, this is the best guide to activities in Aurland you can find. The village is located around 10 minutes from Flåm (or 20 minutes if you are travelling by ferry on the fjord), and should definitely be included when you visit the Aurlandsfjord region! People tend to stay in Aurland as an alternative to Flåm, and especially when the hotels in Flåm are fully booked. However, there are many reasons you…

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    Vatnahalsen Hotel Review [Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell, Flåm]

    Vatnahalsen Hotel is a mountain lodge style hotel, located along the Flåm Railway line between Flåm and Myrdal in western Norway. In Norwegian, the hotel’s name is actually Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell (all though many just call it Vatnahalsen Hotell for short). The word høyfjellshotell literally translates to “high mountain hotel”, and indicates that it is a mountain lodge. Having grown up in the Flåm area, I have visited Vatnahalsen many times, and stayed there a few. Therefore, I thought it was time to write a review, to help you decide on whether this is the hotel for you or not! Vatnahalsen is especially popular by people hiking in the mountains, skiing…

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    A Local’s Guide to the Flam Zipline, Norway

    Flam is, without a doubt, one of western Norway’s most beautiful villages. Situated on the innermost banks of the Aurlandsfjord, Flam is amongst the country’s most visited tourist destinations – and I grew up watching all these tourists arrive. The Flamsbana train that runs from Myrdal to Flam and back is the leading tourist attraction in Norway, but there’s a new activity on the block; Flam Zipline! The entire valley between Flam and Myrdal, also called the Flam Valley, is 18 kilometres long and is blessed with steep mountains, cascading waterfalls, and streaming rivers. The ever-changing landscapes in the Flåm Valley offer a magnificent mix of colours, green pastures, cultural…

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    Stegastein Viewpoint [A Local’s Guide]

    I grew up in Aurland and am often asked questions about the most popular tourist attraction/sight here – The Stegastein Viewpoint. I live so close to it that you can actually see my house from the viewpoint! So, it’s about time I write a post sharing all the information I have, so you have an in-depth guide to this crowd-pleaser of an attraction in Norway. The Stegastein Viewpoint (or Stegastein Lookout or Stegastein Viewing Platform as some call it) is a part of the Norwegian Scenic Routes – Aurlandsfjellet (one of the 18 most beautiful road stretches in Norway). These routes combine nature with architecture and design in the most…

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    Hotels in Flam, Norway

    As one of Norway’s leading tourist destinations, you are right to assume that there are some great hotels in Flam. The village/town is located in Vestland County at the innermost end of the Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Flam, mostly to ride the famous Flåm Railway and cruise the UNESCO recognised Nærøyfjord. Most of these tourists spend a night or two in Flåm. Some, even more! I grew up in Aurland, the immediate neighbourhood of Flåm, and a 10-minute drive from the charming town. Hence, I know the area in and out and have decent knowledge about the places to visit and accommodations…

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    Hikes in Flam You Cannot Miss [Flåm, Norway]

    One of the most popular things to do when visiting Flåm and the fjords is to go hiking. I grew up hiking in the area, and so I thought I would share the best hikes in Flam, Norway with you all. These hiking trails are suitable for a variety of fitness levels, and so I know you will find your perfect Flåm hike for your trip. Lastly, I cover some popular hikes near Flåm, as I know a lot of people stay with their base in Flåm, but want to travel out of the village for some of their trip. Hiking in Flam is a popular activity for tourists and…

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    Aurlandsdalen Valley – Complete Hiking Guide

    Norway has a diverse range of landscapes to explore, with everything from fjords to rivers, waterfalls to mountains, and glaciers to lakes. This extraordinary variation in terrain makes it perfect for hiking, and so Norway has become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts through the year. The Aurlandsdalen Valley is one of the hikes Norwegians and tourists alike have on their bucket list. As a result, I am quite proud to tell people that I grew up here and that I have this hike in my back yard! The Aurlandsdalen hike is not just rewarding in terms of scenery but it is also one of Norway’s best hikes – no lie!…