About Flåm Travel Guide

Flåm Travel Guide was created by Lisa Stentvedt, travel blogger and writer from the beautiful fjords of Norway! I grew up in Aurland, just a short drive from Flåm, and have spent years writing travel guides for Norway and the world – and figured it was about time I created a site dedicated to the area where I grew up!

Through my original travel blog, Fjords and Beaches, I especially love sharing travel tips for my home town and region, and have helped countless of travellers plan their trip to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord. On this site, I hope to help you do the same. With my local knowledge and several years of expertise as a travel blogger, I aim to inspire you to visit this beautiful area of Norway, whilst enabling you to make the most out of your trip!

I am confident that the Flåm Travel Guide will have just what you need to plan your trip, and give you some inspiration for things to do in the Flåm area.

A note on spelling: As you have probably realised, the spelling of Flåm includes a Norwegian letter, “å”. However, when typing with an English keyboard and using an English alphabet, it is perfectly fine to write Flåm as Flam. No worries! I will mainly be using the Norwegian spelling when writing travel guides to the area.

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